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It's (MILES) Better By Coach

A recent Times article was glowing in it's praise of Coach tourism (something the Coach Sector has long known & been proud of).

The Tourism sector was decimated during the Covid pandemic, with Tourism the hardest hit & with the 1st Quarter of 2022 still under restrictions, the majority of last year left operators plans up in the air, with planning required much earlier, but with Operators & Customers alike unable to commit.

Thankfully the Green Shoots in this sector are finally showing with enquiry levels & vehicle interest reflecting this with the Operators we speak to. If the pandemic hadn't been hard enough the double whammy in a recovering Sector of vehicle availability in both New & Used market alike is another challenge.

In light of the above availability issues Landmark Finance offer a proactive solution in the form of Credit Lines as a solution to this, ensuring a quick decision can be made to secure the vehicle of your choice. With Underwriting already completed it enables a quick turnaround on the vehicle and lending amount, giving Operators the security to assist in planning for the season ahead.

From Minibuses to Full Size Executive vehicles we can offer a tailored finance solution that is ready to move when your business is.

To see how our Credit line solution could help your business as the Tourism sector recovers call 0161 456 4242 or email

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